Monday, January 18, 2016

Kimberly Wilson's Post

"Are We Out of the Woods?"
      A reflection on our course thus far
These lyrics by pop artist Taylor Swift have taken on a new meaning for us students. More than just the literal interpretation of 'are we in the clear?' (Ask your children more about that one), this question now reflects Platos theory of the cave. We, as a cohort, have left the cave. We are leaving yet another cave. And we will leave more caves as we continue our journey of leaving ignorance behind. This journey we are on now is to gain a wiser cultural understanding of a world greater than our own experience.

If you had asked me about my 'cultural awareness' before we left, I would have confidently told you I was aware and open-minded. I wasn't completely right, there is so much more to the world then I had fully grasped. I have traveled around Peru, the Netherlands, and more of Europe. I have attended classes abroad, lived with families in their homes, even grocery shopped, but still it hits me just how great and rich the history of this world is (and hinestly I hope it doesn't stop). 

Italy has an especially rich and dynamic history. It is more than just a timeline, but an intertwined narrative of cultures coming together at a crossroads throughout the ages. The age of the Roman Empire, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Neoclassical, Etc. Etc. We have already traveled around Sicily and up the coast of Italy to Naples and Rome. And still we have about a week left! Wednesday we are continuing North to Revena and Venice and though we are tired, we look forward to the rest of our course!
Kimberly Wilson

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